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Since distance is not relevant anymore, we welcome you to our Open Day from every possible spot where you have access to WiFi or 4G. Your own bed, your garden, lying on the floor, your favorite spot in the park, the back seat of the car, even the toilet if you like.

Check the programme of all our events with live streams of the departments and courses and ZOOM sessions, learn how to apply, listen to Radio Rietveld, get a personal virtual tour on our campus by a remote student, chat about portfolio tips, learn about student life and favorite hotspots in Amsterdam, watch video’s and much much more!
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Welcome by Ben Zegers
director of Bachelors
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The Student Office offers general information on student administration, tuition fees, admissions & procedures, preparatory courses, housing and visa. The Student Counselor advises on studying with a disability, finance and student life.

Register here for an online talk with a consultation teacher.
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